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Prim’Gold – Laquer Sealer – Deep Warm Color – Blanchon

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Blanchon Prim’Gold is a sealer for one-component water-based varnish. It can be applied before a varnish to prepare, harden and seal the surface. The use of Prim’Gold can replace the application of a varnish coat. It warmth the wood and increases the execution speed of the finish cycle by its intensity and ease of sanding. Usually used for flooring but can be used for all hardwood and softwood projects.

  • Usable with most water-based varnishes and all Blanchon varnishes;
  • Warmth the wood (blond effect);
  • Residential and commercial use;
  • Scentless;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Dries quickly;
  • Easy to sand;
  • Optional sanding on two slips of varnish.


The wood must be clean and free of varnish, oil, wax or other finishing products. Sand the wood ending with 100 or 120 paper. Carefully remove dust. Dye following the instructions of the product.

For wood that has been scoured, thoroughly clean the surface by removing any traces of residues, clean with our EVO Citrus Solvent and sand with 120 grit paper. Stir the container vigorously before use. Acclimate the product at an ambient temperature above 15 °C.


Apply evenly with a high-quality synthetic bristle brush, a sponge brush or a 6 mm roller. If the Prim’Gold is not uniformly applied, you must sand it with 120 to 150 grit paper before applying the varnish. If you apply two coats of varnish, the sanding the Prim’Gold is optional.

Drying time:

  • To touch: 20 minutes
  • Between coats: delay from 1 h to 24 h
  • Full drying: 5 days


Prim’Gold is compatible with Blanchon Océanic professional varnish, as well as with most water-based varnishes. It applies to bare woods or dyed woods with most non-sealing water-based, alcohol-based or oil-based dyes. Compatibility tests should be performed if you use other dye than those by Blanchon brand or Ligna Tandem-1.


Approximately 100 sq. Ft. per litre


14 g/litre

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