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Primer – For Wall Coating – Les IDécoratives

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The Primer – For Wall Coating is an essential undercoat before the application of Loft Polished Concrete or Loft Original. It allows better hook-up on dry and clean wall surfaces. CAUTION – Do not apply this product to wallpaper or paints containing aggressive solvents (alkyd paint).


On an old paint: Wash with EcoDecor organic degreaser TSP. Apply a coat of Primer – For Wall Coating using a 10 mm micro fiber roller or a brush, taking care to make cross movements during application. Allow to dry for 30 min. Cover with a wall coating after ± 6 h.

On wood, plaster, drywall and porous surfaces; sand and dust. Apply two coats of Primer – For Wall Coating. CAUTION – Drywall strips and glass cloth must be dry for ± 4 days prior to application of Primer.


2.5 L covers approximately 265 sq. Ft. / Per coat.


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