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Powerful Cleaner – Oiled Surfaces – Blanchon

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Intensive Cleaner deeply removes stubborn stains and dirt on all oiled surfaces. As a powerful degreaser, it eliminates greasy and clogged accumulations. It will help to prepare your surfaces for a maintenance oil or a refreshing oil.

  • Compatible with all oiled surfaces.
  • Uncrusts tough spots;
  • Removes black shoes traces;
  • Powerful degreaser;
  • Prepares surfaces for a refreshment.


Dust the surface. On Blanchon Original Wood™ Environment or other oil in aqueous phases: dilute 100 ml of POWERFUL CLEANER in 5 litres of warm water.

On traditional oils like SOLO from Ligna, Carver and Livos: dilute 200 ml in 5 litres of warm water.


Expand the solution using a well-wiped mop. You can use a polisher equipped with a red or green nylon pad. Leave for a few minutes. Pick up dirt with a vacuum cleaner or wipe clean. Rinse with lukewarm water with a well-wiped mop. The Powerful Cleaner won’t create any foam and can be used with or without a machine.

Cleaning tools:

Wash with water immediately after use.


2500 sq. Ft./Litre To 5000 sq. Ft./Litre


330 g/litre


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