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Polyurethane liquid glue – DURAPRO-Aw-0024

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Liquid Polyurethane glue is an industrial-strength all-purpose polyurethane adhesive. Liquid Polyurethane bonds wood. stone. foam. metal. ceramic. glass. and numbers of non-porous substrates. Requiring 50% less adhesive compared to water-based adhesives

Super strong
100% solid
Recomanded for all exotic woods


– Installing room transition thresholds
– Fixing squeaking floorFixing ceramic tiles
– Fixing drywall metal cormers
– Repairing wood floorRepairing small items
– Installing garden wallsInstalling retaining walls
– Installing marble
– Repairing wood furniture
– Capping an interlock stoneGeneral wood glueing
– Carpentry workMaking patio furnitures
– Installing a floor medaillon

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