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Natural Soap for oiled floor – Blanchon

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The Natural Soap of Blanchon for oiled floor is a vegetable base soap for the regular maintenance of oiled wooden floors. The Natural Soap of Blanchon for oiled floor can be used for all surfaces finished with natural oil both in industry and on site. Natural Soap for oiled floor have a balanced PH for surfaces finished with oil, it cleans and reinforces the surface with each wash

  • For floors or other oiled surfaces;
  • Gentle soap, contains vegetable oils for revitalized the wood;
  • For regular uses;
  • Cleans without drying the surface;
  • Dust proof;
  • Gentle odor;

How to use:

  • Removed dust before cleaning;
  • Mixe 10 ml per 1 L sligtly warm water
  • Cleaning the surface with a sponge mop or microfiber cloths;
  • Work always with lightly moisture tools
  • Rinsed regularly tools to remove the dirt on
  • Allow to dry


5 g /liter


1 litre / 5 litres

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