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Methylcellulose – Evo

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Methylcellulose is a water-retaining adjuvant. Methylcellulose is used in finishing wood as a thickening additive in milk paint; it prevents the pigments from depositing (sedimentation) and brings incomparable consistency while increasing adhesion. The addition of methycellulose to the milk paint allows roll application. In addition, methylcellulose is a healthy product that is safe for the environment. Methylcellulose is also used as the main binder in gouaches, in the preparation of glues, lime milks as well as mortars, plasters and lime stuccoes. Methylcellulose promotes good hardening of lime and increases the workability of mortars. It protects mortars and paints from drying out too fast. A small amount is enough to increase the viscosity of a paint and avoid pigment deposits.


Methylcellulose is soluble in cold water, add 10 ml / liter of cold water or 1/2 teaspoon per 170 g of milk paint. To prepare a binder for gouache, paint or a coating, dissolve 30 g of methylcellulose in one liter of water.

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