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Methylcellulose – Evo

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Méthycellulose is an adjuvant. wich retains water. It is used to prevent sedimentation and to provide lubricity in preparation of natural paints. Can be used in milk paint. distempers of lime. as well as mortars or stuccos in the lime. It is an additive and a rétenteur of water. It is also employed as resin for the fabriquation of the traditional gouaches as well as for the preparation of the vinyl. acrylic colors and moderated.

When added to milk paint. it keeps the pigments suspended and allows for the milk paint to stay in good condition for several days. It gives the milk paint an easier application. much like a latex based paint. Only a very small amount is required to make your milk painting job easier! Excellent for the novice!

Milk Paint Extender is used to prevent sedimentation of paints pigments. To use: Mix _ to _ teaspoon for preparation of 170gms Milk Paint and _-1 teaspoon for 1 Lb Milk Paint.

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