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Marble polisher – Anciens Ébénistes

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The marble polisher from the Anciens Ébénistes is a ready-to-use solution that removes stains and restores shine to polished marbles and stones. Can be used on table, fireplace, statue, or any other marble or polished stone surface.


Before using the marble polisher you must sand. Sand the striped or stained marbles with # 400 or # 600 sandpaper dry or wet.


Prior to the application of the marble polisher wear gloves. Apply the Marble Polisher with a wet Cotton Wick or a bleached cotton cloth. Make regular circular motions to detach and thoroughly clean the surface. Finish with a new marble polisher application using a cotton wick or a dry cloth.


Use the marble patina from Anciens Ébénistes.


Containing 200 gr.

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