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Mahogany – Evo

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The Mahogany is soluble in hot water. This mixture of plant pigments has been used by carpenters for ages to create a mahogany effect or enhance the wood tannin.

The Mahogany is composed of red aniline and Cassel earth. The Mahogany is not resistant to UV rays. To eleminate this deficiency add a small amount of potassium dichromate.

It is possible to use the Mahogany with the walnut stain to enhance the effect of walnut stain and make it even more brown. The Mahogany applied with a potassium dichromate preparation is a very good technique for making mahogany effects (Trompe l’oeil) on common woods such as poplar and white birch.

The addition of glycerin avoids raising the wood grain with the water-based dye application.

The alum salt is an excellent mordant for Mahogany.

Dyeing recipe:

Dissolve 250 g of Mahogany in 1 L of hot water. Boil over low heat for 15 min. Add 100 g of potassium dichromate which will give a brownish tint to your dye and add some bite.


50 g/100 g/250 g

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