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Lumber Bright – Wood Cleaner and Brightener – EVO

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The EVO Lumber Brigh is ideal for cleaning blackened or weather damaged wood. Its efficient formulation eliminates graying, stains and restores the wood’s original colour. The EVO Lumber Brigh is fully biodegradable and has a very low toxicity level. It can be used on all types of projects: terraces, claddings, garden furniture and exterior woodwork.

This product contains oxalic acid, a whitening molecule that is excellent for restoring the original wood colour. The EVO Lumber Brigh has great cleaning capabilities while also being user and environment-friendly.

  • Cleans effectively without damaging the surface;
  • Easily restores the original wood colour;
  • User safe;
  • 100% biodegradable;
  • Non-flammable.


Before and after the treatment protect your vegetation by watering around your project.

Dilute in a plastic container 1 part of the product with 4 parts of warm water. Apply with a garden sprayer, a cotton cloth or a paintbrush. After 5 to 10 minutes, rinse with a pressurized water jet sprayer or use a plastic scrubbing brush. Then rinse with clear water.

Allow the wood to dry for at least 2-days before applying a new coating.


Garden sprayer, sponge, cotton linen, paint brush, pressurized water jet sprayer and/or plastic scouring brush.


Wear safety glasses and gloves.


600 sq. Ft. Per 3.78L (diluted 1: 4)

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