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Loft Protector – Floor-Shower-Worktop- Les IDécoratives

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Designed specifically to adhere to Loft coatings, the Loft Protector – Floor-Shower-Worktop protects against water and stains. It is colourless, matte and easy to maintain. Reinforced with ceramic microbeads, it offers good resistance to abrasion, shocks and scratches. It is essential to protect the Loft coating against water projections. The Protector slightly attenuates the effects of the Loft Polished Concrete or Loft Original.


Start with the side from which the light comes and avoid overloading your roll of product. The first coat of Loft Protector – Floor-Shower-Worktop must be diluted with 30% water. Apply quickly and evenly using a 6 mm microfibre roll.

Apply a 10 to 20 ft2 surfaces, by crossing while applying the product, but always smoothing in the direction of light.

CAUTION – To avoid traces, the application must be fast and free of overlaps.

Allow to dry ± 4 h, before applying a second layer of Protector Loft – Floor-Shower-Worktop with the microfibre roll and then smooth with a stainless steel trowel.

On the worktops, apply a third layer of pure Protector Loft – Floor-Shower-Worktop.

When applied in a shower, you should make silicone seals in the corners and around the tap after the protector has completely dried (± 48 h).


Protectors take 10 days before reaching their complete durability. Before this time, use the surface with caution, do not take a shower and do not let water stagnate on the countertops.


Use a non-abrasive soap for cleaning that does not leave dandruff such as our Black Soap or other products on the market.

Make a new protector application once a year.


1 litre covers about 86 sq. ft. /per layer


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