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Loft Primer – Worktop and Wall Tile – Les IDécoratives

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The Primaire Loft – Worktop and wall tile is an essential underlay before applying Loft Polished Concrete or Loft Original on your work surfaces, wall tiles or on smooth surfaces that require increased adhesion. Glazed, laminated, medium, formica, melamine, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, wall tiles, PVC, sandstone, polished marble, porcelain, earthenware, old paint of the polyurethane epoxy or baked type.


Loft Polished Concrete is used on smooth and rigid supports. The work surface must be dry cleaned and degreased with EvoDecor’s TSP Organic Degreaser. CAUTION – On stainless steel, you should roughen the surface before applying the product.

Lightly sand the surface and remove dust. You can keep the joints on the wall tiles, but we recommend that you fill them with the Loft Primer – Smoothing Tile to obtain a smooth surface.

Application :

Apply a coat of Primer Loft – Worktop and Wall Tile with a micro fiber roller or a brush, taking care to make cross movements during application.

Wait ± 2 h before lightly sanding the surface with a very fine abrasive.

Wait ± 3 hours before applying your finish.


1 liter can cover ± 125 sq. Ft.

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