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Loft Primer – Smoothing Tile – Les IDécoratives

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Primary – Smoothing Tile is a thick white paint that is applied to wall tiling and worktop. Allow it to pass from a tiled surface to a smooth surface without having to detach the ceramic. The Primer – Smoothing Tile can be painted or covered with our decorative coatings, Loft Polished Concrete, Loft Original, and Loft Concrete Wall Coating. You can also cover it with the NaturaChaux coating preceded by PimaireChaux.


To clean the surface, we recommend washing with the organic degreaser (TSP phosphate Free). Let dry.


Well mix.

Apply a 1st coat of Loft Primer – Smoothing Tile with a microfibre roller of 13 mm, then equalize when it is fresh with a stainless steel trowel to flatten the reliefs.

Allow to dry ± 12 h before applying a 2nd coat.

Smooth immediately to uniformize the surface.


1 L can cover ± 22 sq. Ft.


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