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Loft Primer – Floor – Les IDécoratives

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The Loft Primer – Floor is a white undercoat that is needed before applying Loft Polished Concrete or Loft Original on your floor. Do not use on professional rooms floor or on high passage floors as an entrance hall. This formula is reinforced to adhere to all smooth and rigid surfaces. Use on concrete floors only, as Loft coatings do not support flexion and may crack. It adheres well to the old paint (the paint must be well fixed to the concrete, do a test before) epoxy or baked polyurethane type.


Loft Coatings should be used on rigid supports only. You should wash with EcoDecor TSP organic degreaser when used smooth concrete or painted floor. Let dry. On a raw concrete floor, first make a mechanical polishing to remove the surface defects. Wash with EcoDecor TSP organic degreaser. Let dry.


Apply a coat of Loft Primer – Floor with a microfibre roller or a brush, taking care to make cross movements during the application.

Wait ± 12 hours before applying Loft Polished Concrete or Loft Original.


1 litre covers approximately ± 125 sq. Ft.

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