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Loft Raw Concrete – Wall coating – Les IDécoratives

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Loft is a textured concrete appearance coating designed to suit urban and modern ambience. Its ease of use and its very trendy appearance will seduce the refined and sophisticated style lovers.


Loft Raw Concrete – Wall coating is used on all surfaces clean, clean and dry.

On acrylic paint, lacquer and oil painting; wash with EvoDecor TSP Organic Degreaser and rinse with water. Apply a coat of Primer – For Wall Coating using a 10 mm microfiber roll or a wide brush.

Allow to dry for 6 hours at 20 ° C.

On wood, plaster, unpainted plasterboard and porous surfaces; sand and dust. Apply two coats of Primer – For Wall Coating.

CAUTION – Do not use on wallpapers.

Application :

Loft Raw Concrete – Wall coating comes with a 150 g bag of white powder to be mixed with the plaster. This is no required, but the powder will bring small light notes to the concrete texture. The effect will be more discreete and uniform, but just as interesting.

Thoroughly mix the powder with Loft Raw Concrete – Wall coating before the application. After mixing, the product must be used within ± 72 h and kept in the carefully closed container. Apply Loft Raw Concrete – Wall coating (± 2 mm) using a stainless steel trowel on surfaces of 1 to 2 m² without worrying about the result.

Immediately come back with the same stainless steel trowel, making crossed, flexible and irregular movements to obtain an appearance with more or less relief. Avoid trowel “stroke” that leave straight marks.

Allow ± 6 hrs.

Lightly moisten your surface (± 1 m² at a time) with a sponge before breaking the lines with a stainless steel trowel by making circular movements to obtain the concrete appearance.


If you want a water and stain resistant surface, apply the Loft Protector – Floor-Shower-Worktop.

For simple maintenance, apply the Loft Protector – Colourless Wall Coating.


12Kg covers approximately 130 sq. Ft. / per layer

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