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Liquid Wax – Anciens Ébénistes

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Made of natural wax, Anciens Ébenistes liquid wax nourishes and shines furniture, wood flooring and woodwork. It gives the raw wood a pretty blonde hue and you can color it with dry pigments. The liquid wax is diluted with turpentine and its consistency makes it easy to apply. It is ideal for regular maintenance of floors as well as big surfaces.


Apply liquid wax with a cotton cloth, cotton wick or brush. Let dry more or less 30 min. then shine with a soft cloth, or for a brighter shine a brush. On floors, for polishing, we advise you to use a mop or floor polisher.


Can be used on raw wood, painted with milk paint or waxed. On raw wood, it is better to pre-tint it unless you want to leave natural or you can also stain your wax. On clogged wood, use the Wax Remover from Anciens Ébénistes.

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