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Latex Contact Glue – DURAPRO AC2389

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DURA PRO AC 2389 is a water-based adhesive used for bonding decorative laminate (Arborite®, Formica® ) polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam and fabrics to wood, plywood or particle board. It has a long open-time, good contactibility under low pressure, excellent green strength, high shear and peel strength. Its flowability and high solids content allow to spread easier and to cover up to three times the surface area than a solvent based contact cement.

Feature :

  • Water-based adhesive
  • Fireproof
  • Viscosity 600 – 700 cps
  • Solid 49% – 51%
  • VOC – 50 g/L
  • Coverage + or – 95 sq.ft./liter


Apply an even coat of contact cement to both surfaces with a soft brush, short-haired roller or spray gun. Porous surfaces such as edge bands may require two layers. Then allow to dry for 20 to 60 minutes until a matt film (indicating sufficient coverage) and sticky (similar to duct tape). In the next 18 hours, place both surfaces in exact position and join them carefully.

The connection is instantaneous to the contact and the surfaces cannot be repositioned. Subsequently, with a metal roll or rubber mallet apply firm pressure to the entire surface, working from the center to the edges to eliminate air pockets. Roll in both directions at 90 ° angles to each other. The adhesion strength will increase with aging, but the edges can be cut for finishing immediately. Mostly allow to cure for at least three days before direct sunlight or high temperatures.

Size: Containers of 950 ml / 3.78 L / 19 L

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