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Iron oxide – Pigments

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Ferrous oxide and ferric oxide give a wide range of colors from yellow to deep black, or even purplish. Very present in nature, iron, in association with oxygen and some other atoms colors clays, marbles and many other minerals.

The color of natural oxides is more powerful than that of earth and ocher, it is stable to light, acids and bases.

Iron oxides, synthetic pigments with high coloring power, are close to natural soils: natural iron oxide is a main component of natural lands.

They dilute in water, natural oils, glazes (in oil or water), buffing waxes, paints (in oil or water), milk paint, plaster, lime plaster, cement and wall plasters (Hacienda Nature), etc.


Dilute the iron oxide in a part of your “binder” (paint, oil, glaze …) until you obtain a homogeneous shade without lumps, then add your color to your entire product.


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