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IOD Vintage Art Decor Moulds

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The IOD by Prima are silicon moulds to make baroque craft decoration on your decorating projects. They can be used with many types of media such as dry air clay, polymer clay, earthy clay, hot glue and even chocolate.




  • I used paper clay in the moulds and there seems to be some cracks and / or deformations. What can I do about it?
    • The paper clay shrinks during drying and this can cause small deformations and cracks. You can let them dry in the moulds to minimize this, but we recommend adhering the pieces when they are still wet. Cracking will occur on natural contours and there will be less risk of breakage. The paper clay is lightweight, rigid (on a stable surface) and provides an incredible amount of details without cooking.


  • Can I use moulded clay pieces when they are wet? Should I wait for them to dry before they join my project?
    • Yes! You can stick your still wet moulded pieces to your project with the appropriate glue.


  • What materials can I use in Vintage Art Decor Moulds?
    • If you use the moulds for baking, we suggest you buy a different set and do not mix them. You can use them for chocolate, fondant, sugar paste, polymer clay, paper clay, cooking clay, and so on.


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