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Hybri-Deck Protective Hybrid Oil for Exterior Wood – Ligna

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Hybrid protective oil for exterior wood: Terrace, patio, deck, woodwork, furniture, windows, siding, walls and ceilings.

Impregnating protector for exterior wood, HYBRI-DECK Ligna is a technical innovation, an impregnating product based on vegetable oils in the aqueous phase. HYBRI-DECK protects planed, raw, roasted, exotic and pressure treated woods. It offers water repellent protection, protects against stains and prevents wood from being burned by UV rays.

HYBRI-DECK oil does not peel or peel. No need to scrape or scrape to refresh the finish.

HYBRI-DECK Hybrid Protective Exterior Wood Oil is made from naturally modified oils and resins. This modification mixes the oil with water and eliminates the use of petroleum solvents. The water allows to penetrate the oil, it opens the grain of the wood and facilitates its impregnation. When water evaporates during drying, the molecular bonding of the resins in the wood structure acts as a microporous saturator.

Since the protection is non-film-forming (not on the surface), the wood can breathe, contract and shrink depending on the temperature, without cracking or peeling the protection. The microporosity of the finish blocks water droplets while allowing moisture to escape without diminishing the adhesion of the finish.


The surface must be clean, free of dust and free of any wax or varnish residue.

The temperature must be above 15 ° C.

If the surface is grayed out, clean with Evo Evaporator Cleaner.

The surface should be sanded in the direction of the wood grain with 80 grit paper before application. Dust the surface with a vacuum cleaner or with compressed air.

Mix the product well with a stick before application.


Apply with a synthetic silk brush or roller.

Apply the second coat after 20 to 30 minutes.

Do not apply directly under the sun’s rays. The moisture content of the wood should not exceed 20%.

Caution: Avoid accumulations and never allow the product to dry on the surface.

Tip: To refresh a finish without too much darkening or for application on unplated (raw) wood it is possible to add 50% of the volume of HYBRI-DECK colorless products to lighten the color.

Number of layers:

Two layers of colored oil are needed.


Between the layers: 20-30 minutes

After 12 hours: moderate and conservative use

After 3 Days: normal use

Covering power:

80 to 200 p2 / liter depending on the species of wood covered.


26 g / liter


Matt Satin

Cleaning the tools:



2 to 3 years in an airtight container stored in a cool dry place.

Maintenance :

Periodic cleaning with an outdoor wood cleaner. When the surface becomes dull and begins to discolor, apply a coat of refreshment.


1 to 3 years on horizontal surfaces

3 to 6 years for vertical surfaces

Available formats:

946 ml – 3.78 L – 18.9 L

** Attention: After use, the cloths impregnated with the products must be immersed in water before being discarded, in order to avoid auto-combustion. You can also dry the linen flat.

Colors may differ slightly from reality.

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