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Heavy Duty Cleaner – Blanchon

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The Blanchon Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner is a powerful degreaser that removes the toughest stains on varnished floors, laminate floors and plastics. It is as effective on oil varnishes as on water-based varnishes. It thoroughly cleans surfaces prior to the application of the Renovator for varnished surface and eliminates old layers of hardened Renovator. Also appreciated to clean plastic and dirty tiles.

  • Decreasing agent;
  • Eliminates old Renovator layers;
  • Smooth Odour;
  • Won’t alter varnish.

Two types of use are possible:

  1. To remove traces before revitalization with the Renovator for varnished parquet floors:
    • Dilute 10 to 20% of Heavy Duty Cleaner in water. Spread with a microfibre mop or a well-wrung cloth. It is possible to use a polisher type rotary machine equipped with abrasive pads (red or green).
    • Leave for a few minutes.
    • Collect soil with a vacuum or wipe with a squeegee, then with a microfibre cloth. Rinse thoroughly 2 times in warm, clear water without flooding the surface.
  2.  For intensive cleaning, degreasing and scrubbing:
    • Dilute 5 to 10% of Heavy Duty Cleaner in water. Wash with a microfibre mop or a well-wrung mop. Rinse thoroughly 2 times with clear water.

Cleaning Tools:

Wash with water after use


5000 sq. Ft./Litre for cleaning

2500 sq. Ft./Litre prior to a renovation or a refreshing.


330 g/litre

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