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Garance Root – Evo

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Garance root is a plant pigment used for coloring wood and textiles. Garance is soluble in alcohol as well as in citrus solvents.

Once prepared the garance root will give a red hue.

Ggarance root can be used in waxes or to color hemp and tung oil. Garance root can be used with other plant pigments or with mordants such as alum salt.

Colors obtained:

  • shades of vermilion red;
  • brick red;
  • coral;
  • orange;
  • purple.

Calcium water and a temperature not exceeding 70 ° C are necessary to obtain reddish tints.


Soak 100 g of garance root in one liter of alcohol and filter. Before applying the garance root on the wood it must first be etched with alum salt solution.

Grind 100 g of very fine powdered of garance root. Add to 500 ml of citrus solvent. In a few hours the solvent turns red, filter and add your colored solvent to a drying oil.

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