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Furniture Wax – Espresso – Homestead House

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This museum quality wax is made in Canada, using a traditional recipe that has been passed on for generations. Homestead House Espresso Furniture Wax is made of beeswax, hempseed oil and a light amount of Carnauba wax. This product is perfect for protecting Milk Paints or Fusion Mineral Paints, while providing a beautiful antique satin finish. It seals and protects all kind of paints, furnitures and woodworks as well as your small and large projects. It also is an ideal protective product to apply on decorative coating like NaturaChaux. It can be used in combination with White WaxAntiquing Wax or Black Wax.

  • Easy to apply;
  • Pleasant odour;
  • Beautiful satin shean;
  • Natural wax;
  • Offer a good durability.


Clean the surface with the TSP phosphate free organic degreaser or EVO Black Soap. On a surface with an old waxed finish, remove wax with EVO Citrus Solvent and a #00 steel wool. On bare wood you should apply one or two coat of tung or hemp oil as a sealer before applying the wax.


Apply with a wax brush or with a whitened cloth. Allow to dry for 5 to 10 minutes and wipe off the excess. Once the wax is perfectly dry (about 1 1/2 hours), polish with a whitened cloth or a polishing brush for a better lustre. Two layers may be required to obtain a beautiful lustre.


Apply a thin layer of Homestead House Espresso Furniture Wax  once a year or as needed.

CAUTION – The finish reaches its maximum hardness after 30 days.

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