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Fish Glue – Evo

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Fish glue is used for bonding wood. plating. marquetry. paper. cardboard and leather. Fish glue is a strong natural glue that is resistant to heat and solvents. It offers both flexibility and extraordinary strength. Fish glue is soluble in water only.

Strong glue
Reversible with water
Become brown when dry
Greath heat resistance (500 °F)
Good resistance to solvents
Doesn’t stain the wood
Easily cleaned and thinned with water

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Fish glue should not be heated and should only be used at a minimum temperature of 14° C. For bonding wood. it should be kept under pressure until dry (approximately 12 hours). For clean-up. use water.

Fish glue may be used as a crackling medium for acrylics and milk paint.

Assembly time: 1 hour Clamp time: 3-4 hours Drying times: 12-14 hours


cartilage fish. gelatin. water. phenol (less than 1%).

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