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Ferrous Sulfate – Evo

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Ferrous sulfate is used as a mordant in the woods to accentuate the grip the color of vegetal dyes, it can also be used to fix the plant pigments in various other applications. Our ferrous sulfate is sold as water-soluble crystals. Cabinet makers use it to activate tannin of woods such as oak, mahogany, walnut and cherry. The application of ferrous sulfate on those woods gives them a colouring going from silver gray to steel blue.

Ferrous sulfate makes the wood gray and gives it an aged appearance. It is used in reproduction or reparation of antiquity as well as in the restoration of old houses. It also serves as a mordant in the preparation of ochre paint or Swedish paint. It is also useful in the garden to destroy the moss on the lawn or to add an iron supplement to certain trees or plants.


To mordance: mix the crystals in cold water, stir (100 g of ferrous sulfate per 1 litre of water).

To colour: mix the crystals in cold water, stir (1 tablespoon of ferrous sulfate per 1 litre of water).


Apply with a brush in order to saturate the surface, allow to dry completely before the application of your other layer.

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