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Exterior Wood Glue – DURAPRO AW2539

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Pre-catalyzed vinyl polyacetate adhesive that dries to a superior strength bond with excellent water resistance. Suitable for collages that will be exposed to the weather and for interior work where resistance to high humidity and water resistance is required. Our exterior wood bond meets ANSI type II water resistance.


  • PVA type II water resistance   
  • 1-component adhesive     
  • Approved for surfaces in contact with food (cutting board, butcher block and others)     
  • Force 3500 Lbs     
  • Assembly time: 15-20 minutes     
  • Pressing time: 25-60 minutes     
  • Drying time: 6-8 hours     
  • Viscosity 4000 – 5000 cps (5/20 rpm / 25 ° C)     
  • Solids 49.0 ± 1%


Mix well before use. Adhesive and materials should be at an ambient temperature above 20 ° C. All surfaces must be clean and dry. The best links are obtained when the moisture content of the wood is between 8% and 12%.


Apply directly from the plastic bottle or with a stiff brush or mechanical applicator. Spread the glue so that the surplus comes out when the pieces are assembled. The joints must be perfectly adjusted. Tighten or squeeze with enough pressure. Becomes translucent while drying. Let it dry before sanding.

CAUTION: Not suitable for continuous submersion or for use below the water line. Must dry for 5 hours before exposure to water or moisture.

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