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Exteria Oil – Outdoor Water Repellent – Ligna

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For terrace, patios, siding, walls, ceilings, woodwork and exterior windows.

Ligna Exteria natural oil for wood is a penetrant vegetal oil for wooden exterior surfaces. It penetrates, nourishes and protects wood from water, rot, insects and fungi. Exteria leaves no surface film, binds to the wood and will not leave any scale. Easing the application of a refreshing coat is the best benefit of using a natural oil finish on exterior wooden surfaces because the finish doesn’t flake with time. No need to sand, scratch or stripes anymore. Exteria oil can be easily applied to all types of softwood (hardwood, pine, spruce, etc.), roasted and processed under pressure.

Ligna Exteria is composed of natural first quality oils, resins, and nontoxic diluent to improve wood penetration. Our pigments are composed of natural earth and iron oxide, enhances the grain of your woods and protects them from UV rays (the Natural colour only serves to dilute dark colours while refreshing your surfaces, it has no UV protection so it should never be applied alone). The covering and water repulsion power of Exteria are superior for it contains, up to 50% of solid components; resins, waxes and vegetal oils. Your covering will use less amount of product by sq.ft and then have a better protection against the rain.

  • Formulated in renowned Italian laboratories with more than 25 years of experience, Ligna products offer an “avant-gardiste” technology that is assembled in Quebec.

⇒How to Ligna – EXTERIA⇐


Mix before applying. The surface must be clean and free of wax and varnish, so clean it with an exterior wood cleaner. Sand wood with 80 grit sandpaper. Dust with a clean, dry, bleached cotton rag. Keep Exteria at a temperature above 15 °C.


Apply oil with a brush, clean, dry, bleached cotton rag, or a pad painter, along the wood’s grain. Spread Exteria to avoid accumulation.

  • After 5 to 15 minutes maximum, scrub along the wood grain to help oil to penetrate and eliminate any excess product.
  • After 8 to 24 hours, apply a second coat without sanding.
  • If you wait more than 24 hours, sand lightly with 180 grit sandpaper before application.

Number of coats:

2 coats


⇒List of covering powers⇐

  • On planed wood: 120 to 300 sq. ft./litre depending on the density of the wood species to be protected.
  • Raw wood or sawn wood: Add 50% more products than on planed wood.

Tool cleaner:

Use LIGNA’s Iso-Diluant.

Refresh (according to wear):

Add a thin layer of oil to your horizontal surfaces after 1 to 3 years and your vertical surfaces after 3 to 6 years.


Clean periodically with an outdoor wood cleaner as deterwood. When your surface discolour and becomes dull, apply a refreshing coat.


Safflower oil, Tung oil, linseed oil, vegetal wax, mineral solvent and siccative without cobalt.


Matt satin


408 g/litre


20 mL/946 mL/2,5 L/12,5 L


Coverage of LIGNA oils

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