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Evo-Nature – Water Repellant Water Based Stain – Inside/outside

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ÉVO-Nature is a water-based self-sealing stain for exterior and interior uses. ÉVO‑Nature is added with a penetrating agent. The latter opens the wood structure and penetrates deeply, with no surface film that could peel over time. ÉVO-Nature protects and seals exterior horizontal and vertical wooden surfaces.

Used inside the EVO-Nature dye can be used alone or be covered with a wax finish or oil, or be varnished.

  • Indoor and outdoor use;
  • Colours and waterproofs wood;
  • Added with a penetrating agent;
  • Can be used on all wood surfaces;
  • Very light odour;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Can be covered with a finish like varnish, wax or oil;
  • Durability within 10 to 15 years: walls, ceilings, mouldings or surfaces less solicited;
  • Outdoor Sustainability: Horizontal 1 to 2 years—Vertical 4 to 6 years;
  • Impregnates in depth, does not flake;
  • Available in 9 colours.


Surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry and free of dust, dirt, oil, soot, wax, mould, flaking and patina. To begin: sand the surface with an abrasive of 80 grit for outdoor and 100 grit sandpaper for indoor surfaces. Remove any residue of sandblasting dust. Stir EVO-NATURE with a wooden stick to the bottom of the container, before and during the application. EVO-Nature applies at temperatures above 10 °C


Apply evenly on a dry wood, leaving no product on the surface. Use an applicator pad, a foam roller or a polyester or foam brush. Avoid leaving traces of non-penetrated products that may dry on the surface. Wet the wood with the product until saturation to accentuate penetration. To avoid overlapping marks treat only 2 to 3 boards at a time, over their entire length. Do not apply over the surface that has already begun to dry.

Number of layers:

Interior surfaces: 1 to 2 layers

Exterior surfaces: 2 layers

If you use the product inside and want to apply for a finish, lightly sand the surface with 220 grit sandpaper before the topcoat.


Apply the second coat after about 2 hours.

Full drying in 24 hours.

To touch: 20 minutes

Recoatable: After 2 hours and before 24 hours

Light traffic: 4 hours

Replace furniture: 24 hours


Wash with a mop dampened with a black soap solution or a soap for outdoor woods that leave no sticky film.

Refresh the finish:

Exterior: 1 to 2 years on horizontal surfaces and 4 to 6 years on vertical surfaces.

Inside: On the walls, mouldings and ceilings – 10 to 15 years before refreshing.

It is important to cover EVO-nature of a varnish when used on the floor.

  • Avoid using cleaners before drying the product thoroughly (4 to 8 days).
  • Avoid application on wet wood or after rain. Wait 16–24 hours after a thunderstorm or a pressure wash.
  • Wood moisture content must not exceed 18%.
  • Wait one season before applying to pressure treated wood
  • Avoid application in direct sunlight and very hot wood.



120 to 200 sq. Ft. /L



Cleaning tools:



60 g/L


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