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Dryer for Oil – Evo

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The dryer for natural oils is used to accelerate the drying time of natural oils (tung oil, linen or hemp, nuts, safflower) varnishes and oil paints. The drying agent for oil is a concentrated mixture of petroleum distillate, neodecanoic acid, manganese salt, dipyridyl-2.2. It contains no lead, cobalt or heavy metals.

Despite its brownish color the dryer for oil does not alter the color of pale artistic paints and natural oils. It gives off a very weak smell.


Add 2 to 3% of dryer oil per volume of pure or diluted oil. Mix well until complete dissolution of the product. From 75 to 100 ml in 3.78 L format. The use of dryer oil also contributes to slightly increase the luster of the over-activated oils. To improve the penetration of oils it is best to add 1/3 to 1/2 part of citrus solvent to your mixture.

VOC: 635 g / liter

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