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Dry Pigments – Artist Selection

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Our Artist Selection is a selection of vibrant dry pigments colours. These pigments are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They are produced with natural inorganic or mineral pigments and metal oxide bases. Developed to get a rich colour chart, they are more concentrated than natural earths and require fewer pigments to obtain the desired colour. They have good resistance to UV rays and they dissolve easily in water, natural oils, glazes in oil or water, waxes, oil or water paints, milk paint base, our acrylic binder, plaster, cement and lime plasters.


Dilute the pigments in a part of your binder until you obtain an homogeneous and perfectly smooth shade, then incorporate the obtained shade to the whole binder. Dilute the pigments in water before incorporating it into a water-based binder.

Cosmetics Pigments:

  • Artist selection ultramarine blue


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