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Double Boiled Lindseed Oil – Evo

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ouble-boiled pale linseed oil can also be used on cork. stone. concrete. clay. slate or any other porous stone. Protect and finish your wood floor. your furniture and all your woodwork.

V.O.C. free
Use for interior finish or extérior finish
100% natural oil
lightly honey color

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Coverage120 to 190 sq. ft. / qt. depending in the specie of wood.

The wood should be properly sanded and the surface dusted to remove all loose particles. It can be applied with a paintbrush. a roller or a soft cloth. Generously apply a first coat. 15-20 minutes later. remove the excess oil with a soft cloth. Be careful not to leave streaks of wet oil. Let dry completely for 24 hours between layers. For the best protection. apply 2 to 3 layers.

To accelerate the drying process and considerably improve the penetration rate. double-boiled pale linseed oil can be diluted up to 30% at 50% with oderless thinner. turpentine or citrus extract.

Rags used with this product may spontaneously combust. After use. put rags in water or lay flat to dry; then discard.


Double-boiled pale linseed oil. without lead siccative (< 0.05%).