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Turmeric – Evo

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Turmeric is a plant pigment extracted from the turmeric root grown in southeastern Asia. It is used as a food coloring and is very popular for its powerful, very bright yellow dyes for coloring wood. Turmeric is used to create dyes for wood ranging from golden yellow to reddish brown.

Turmeric can be infused into alcohol, citrus solvent, varnishes, waxes or directly into the drying oil of your choice. Turmeric offers a stable and permanent dye.


As a dye: Infuse 100 g of turmeric in 1 liter of denatured alcohol for 24 hours. For obtaining a reddish brown let infuse longer. Filter and apply directly to the wood. Once dry, cover with the finish of your choice.

Stain a tung oil: Infuse 100 g of turmeric in one liter of citrus solvent about 24 hours. Filter using a paint filter or a coffee filter and mix the preparation in one liter of oil. You can increase the amount of oil to adjust the intensity of the color. Apply the colored oil in first layer only, cover with uncoloured oil to fix the color.

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