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Construction Glue – DURAPRO AC0058

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Our construction tube glue is a one-component, moisture-curing polyurethane adhesive that is distinguished by strong adhesion and flexibility. Our polyurethane construction adhesive has easy application and curing properties for indoor and outdoor use. This construction glue can bond wet, frozen or treated wood and is perfect for subfloor assembly, stair treads, slate floors, wood floors, furs, wood patio. When used with mechanical fasteners it prevents squeaks and nail exits. Our construction glue is also used to glue light metal parts on porous surfaces. Our polyurethane construction glue is very popular with landscapers, it glues brick, stone, prefabricated concrete blocks, gallery overlays and pavers.

Feature :     

  • Force 3,000 Lbs     
  • Assembly time: 45minutes     
  • Drying time: 24 hours     
  • Viscosity 4000 – 5000 cps (5/20 rpm / 25 ° C)    
  • Solids 48.5 ± 1%


Cut the spout of the cartridge at a 45 ° angle to a dimension that allows for jets of at least 6 mm in diameter. Drill the membrane of aluminum that seals the cartridge. Using a caulking gun and applying uniform pressure, spread the adhesive in a continuous stream, forming zigzags on the surface of the material to be glued. Press the materials firmly into place.

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