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Concrete Glue – DURAPRO AC0616

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Our DURA PRO AC-0616 concrete additive adhesive is a synthetic resin for indoor or outdoor use, formulated to increase properties concrete adhesives.

It promotes adhesion between old and new concrete. Used as an additive to the Portland cement mix.

AC-0616 improves adhesion and reduces cracking in toppings, brick walls, patching or resurfacing concrete walls, floors or ramps.

May also be used for stucco and plaster applications. Its adhesive property adds some bite to the preparation and increases the bending power to prevent cracking.

Features :

  • Ecologo Product Certification
  • Increase the adhesive properties of concrete
  • Improves adhesion between old and new concrete
  • Reduces cracking of concrete structures, plaster and mortar
  • For concrete mixes and masonry repairs
  • Viscosity 2500 – 3000 cps
  • Solids 33% to 35%
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