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Cleaning Popote – Anciens Ébénistes

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Removes accumulated dirt, old wax, stains, glass marks etc. on waxed and varnished furniture. The cleaning popote evens out the colour and restores the original sheen, thereby avoiding stripping. The cleaning popote does not work on varnish that is less than 40 years old.

Which cleaning popote should be used? Use Light wood cleaning popote on light oak, beech, pine etc. Use Fruit wood cleaning popote on cherry, mahogany etc. Use Dark wood cleaning popote on dark oak, dark walnut etc.


Wear gloves. Shake well prior to use. Soak a piece of No. 00 or 000 steel wool in cleaning popote. Rub along the direction of the grain until the dirt comes off. Before the Cleaning Popote dries, wipe over the surface with polishing cotton. In the event of persistent stains or burns, apply the Cleaning Popote mixed with powder Wood lightener Les Anciens Ebénistes. Rinse with the Cleaning Popote alone. Leave to dry for 30 min.


Wood sealer base coat, wax, varnish etc.


500 ml

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