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Carbamex Buffing Wax – Whitening Effect – Briançon

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Carbamex buffing wax whitening effect by Briançon is a cream wax product based on vegetable wax in aqueous phase. As a result Carbamex buffing wax- whitening effect by Briançon allows bleached decorative effects and ages on old finishes (varnish, dye, paints …) without prior preparation.

The Carbamex buffing wax will bring a beautiful lime wash appearance to open-grain and highly veined woods such as oak, chestnut, ash and other wood of this type. With a brushing effect the lime wash effect can be achieved on all types of wood. A white film will be deposited in the veining of the wood to make it stand out.

Furthermore Carbamex buffing wax can also be used to create whitened patinas on Milk Paint, Fusion Mineral Paint and chalk paints.

  • Easy to use;
  • Scentless;
  • Dry quickly;
  • More resistant than buffing wax with beeswax;
  • Only 15g VOC / liter;

How to use buffing wax


First of all on a bare wood, sand the wood with #220 grit paper. Also you can also wet the wood beforehand to open the pores and thus increase the lime wash effect. Wait until it is dry and broken the raised fiber with sandpaper #220.

If you are using it to refurbish an existing finish, cleaning with a steel wool 000 slightly moistened with citrus solvent or Iso-Thinner is preferable. Shake well before use.

Finally to accentuate the effect on the raw wood grain, dig with a wire brush in the direction of the wood fibers and dust off well.


For even more effect, it is possible to apply a vegetable oil based tint such as Tandem1 or water based Evo-Nature.

Then place 2 thin layers using the polishing cotton, directly on the surface (do not apply on old wax).

Renew the operation to obtain the desired shade and allow to dry before polishing with a soft cloth. Dry after two hours, you can polish it with a special polishing steel wool or a white abrasive nylon pad to increase the luster. Use a buffing wax brush for surfaces with reliefs such as moldings.


You can apply the buffing Wax on itself once a year, or when needed, without having to remove wax.

Cleaning the tools:

Hot water

Covering power:

About 100 ft2 / container


500 ml

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