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Buffing wax – Anciens Ébénistes

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Based on beeswax and Candelilla wax, the buffing wax gives a beautiful shine to all your furniture and interior woodwork. Its U.V. resistant natural dyes restore old patina.

Les Anciens Ébénistes buffing wax is an excellent substitute for the Cire des Artisans du meuble Québécois.

Buffing wax is used as a finish on bare wood and stains such as Tandem-1, Primol plus or EVO-Nature stain and other water, oil or alcohol-based stains. Use for interior projects only

The buffing wax is also ideal to give an aged look (dirty) to the Milk Paint or Mineral Fusion paint. After having made the traces of wear on the paint, apply a wax to buff and you will get an aged patina effect.

Be careful applying a buffing wax to patinate on the milk paint it will darken your colour. The ideal is to choose a pale wax (light oak or natural) for pale paint colours and a dark wax for dark paint colours (medium oak or Walnut)

NB: This wax offers may not be water resistance do not use in wet or stressed areas such as kitchen tables and chairs.

How to use the buffing wax of Les Anciens Ébénistes:


Can be used on raw wood, dyed, painted with milk paint or waxed. The wood must be sanded beforehand to finish with a sandpaper #120.

On wood already waxed and dirty. Use the wax remover Anciens Ébénistes. You can also wash with # 000 steel wool and citrus solvents or Iso-Thinner


Make a first application of buffing wax with a polishing cotton – Briançon or with a wax brush. Then without letting dry, make a second application immediately. Let it dry for about 30 minutes, then shine with a soft cloth or for a more intense shine with the Polishing Brush. You can also enhance the gloss by glazing the wax with a white abrasive nylon pad


Use the Sprayshine Anciens Ébénistes or applied the buffing wax every year or as needed.

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