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Bone Glue in pearls – Evo

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Bone Glue is the hardest collagen adhesive, formerly called “strong glue”. To counteract its brittle effect, the bone glue is mixed with Rabbit Skin Glue, giving it flexibility. Up to a third of rabbit skin glue can be added to the Bone Glue.

  • Bone Glue is reversible when heating;
  • Supports wood contraction and retraction;
  • Can stick to itself;
  • Used to fill cavities of imperfect joints during assembling;
  • Serves as a buffer between two types of wood species whose hydrological pressure is different;
  • Bone glue is used in cabinetmaking, marquetry, carpentry, binding and restoration of furniture.


Soak the Bone Glue in cold water, in a glass or a copper container. Do not use a metal container for 7 to 12 hours. Once the glue gels melt it in a bain-marie 15 to 20 minutes between 50 and 65 °C, before using it. It should never boil. In general, the proportions are 1 part of bone glue for 1.5 to 2 parts of cold water.

If you make a mixture of two animal glues, mix it dry before soaking, this will make your task easier.

To test the adhesion of the bone glue, do this simple operation: put hot glue on your index and thumb, put both fingers in contact and press a minute. If your fingers stick together, it is ready to use.

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