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Bitumen of Judea – Evo

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Bitumen is a soft, black substance found naturally in some limestone rocks found at the bottom of the Asphalt Lake of Judea.
Our Bitumen of Judea is a quality organic substance (vegetable pigment) very popular for shading wax and varnish or simply pure or diluted to give an aged look to wood and hardware. Bitumen of Judea is also known as a patina for antiquary because it is often used to give an old look.
It mixes with vegetable oils (tung oil, hemp oil, linseed oil, etc.), citrus solvent, oil varnish and glaze.

You can easily create a dye with our Judea bitumen. Dissolve the pigment in our citrus solvent, start with small amounts (eg 50 g per 500 ml) to test on a piece of wood and increase the dose to darken the color.

The bitumen of Judea is perfect to give a patina to your works of milk paint. Dissolve 100 g of Judea bitumen in 40 to 50 ml of citrus solvent. Add 20 to 30 ml of hemp oil and a few drops of oil driers. Apply with brushes and wipe to leave patina in the reliefs and cracks. Once dry, apply a layer of Ligna Pronto Oil or Initial from Blanchon.

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