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Bio-Supra – Solvant-Free Oil – zero VOC – Ligna

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For floors, furniture, kitchen cabinets, counters, interior doors and windows, woodwork, walls and ceilings.


Bio-Supra is a solvent-free product that doesn’t release volatile organic compounds (VOC). It will enhance your wooden surface grain and protect it from premature wear, water and stains. Bio-Supra monocoat oil for wood is the most environmentally friendly natural oil available on the market. It is made of 100% solid components and contains no solvents or branched fatty acids. As it doesn’t release any volatile organic compounds (VOC) and contains no solvent, Bio-Supra helps enhance the air quality inside your house. It is absolutely safe for all applications on surfaces in contact with food such as cutting boards, kitchens and butcher blocks.

  • Ligna Bio-Supra monocoat oil will offer a durability that is equal to old generation products that need two or three layers.
  • Formulated in renowned Italian laboratories with more than 25 years of experience, Ligna products offer an “avant-gardiste” technology that is assembled in Quebec.
  • Bio-Supra oil can easily be applied manually on all types of soft, frank, domestic woods and gives very good results on exotic woods.

* Although Bio-Supra is a one-coat product, we recommend applying two coats on surfaces that are highly exposed to water and moisture, such as kitchen countertops, cutting boards, sauna and bathroom vanities. A second coat will also greatly increase the lustre of the product.

** Bio-Supra oil in natural has been certified by the Bureau of Chemical Safety, Health Canada, for food surfaces (natural color only).

⇒How to Ligna – BIO-SUPRA⇐


Mix before applying. Sand surface with 100-120 grit sandpaper. Remove dust with a clean, dry, bleached cotton rag. Store the product at a temperature above 20 °C. For high density wood, such as maple or exotic woods, moisten with a clean floor mop or wet rag. When the surface is completely dry (about 2 hours), sand the floor lightly with 220 grit sandpaper along the wood’s grain to break down wood fibres. Remove dust meticulously.


Apply a thin coat with an applicator pad or a clean, dry, bleached cotton rag. Bio-Supra oil is viscous; apply in circles to facilitate absorption by wood pores. Spread oil out to avoid increased thickness. After a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes, rub along the wood grain with a clean, dry, bleached cotton rag to eliminate any excess product.

Optional – To soften the surface and increase the luster, polish with a white nylon pad between 2 and 36 hours after application.

  • After 24 hours: moderate and careful use
  • After 5-7 days: regular use
  • After 10 days: Put carpets and heavy furniture back. You may now clean the surface using Ligna cleaning products.

Number of coats:

Only one coat is needed, but if you want to increase the color intensity by about 20% and the luster of the wood you can apply a second coat after 24 hours.

A second coat is required for countertops and surfaces with high humidity, such as bathrooms and saunas.


⇒List of covering powers⇐

With its high-covering power and single application, Bio-Supra is the most economical to sq.ft. for floor finishing (ex. $0.20 per sq.ft. for a maple floor). 250 to 700 sq.ft. per litre depending on the density of the wood specie to be protected.

Dilution and tool cleaning:

Use LIGNA’s Iso-Diluant.


Add a thin layer of oil.

  • Worktop: 1 to 2 year
  • Floor: 2 to 6 year
  • Unsuitable surfaces such as mouldings, walls, extra furniture: 7 to 15 years.


Solia and Solia + products from LIGNA for oiled surfaces. For surfaces that come into contact with food, use the Black Soap from EVO, a natural product made of black olive oil.


Blend of oils, resins and vegetal waxes. Contains no solvents or heavy metals.




0 g/litre


20 ml/237 ml/946 ml



⇒List of covering powers⇐

Technical Sheet BIO-SUPRA

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