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Barn Wood Effect – Aging agent for wood – Evo

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Barn Wood Effect gives a greyish look to the wood and accentuate its veins. This product is ideal to give an antique effect, imitating the wood of the old barns aged with time. It can be used alone on some hardwoods and white cedar. For the other wood species, combine it with the Tannic Activator which will accentuate the reactivity of the wood, will modify its colour and will considerably increase effect. The colours obtained with Barn Wood Effect vary according to the wood species (ranging from brownish to gray, black and greenish). The shades intensity can be adjusted by changing the dilution ratio. It can be used on planned, brushed or rough wood.


Wood must be free from any finish. Apply activator if necessary and allow it to dry.


Dilute with water. The ratio can vary between 1 part of products for 5 to 30 parts of water, depending on the wood essence and the desired effect.

Shake the product well.


Apply with a brush, a roller, an applicator pad, or a spray. Wait at least 4 hours before applying the finish.


For interior use oil, wax or varnish.

For outdoor use, use our colourless EVO-Nature self-sealing stain or Ligna Exteria oil. The product raises the grain of the wood so lightly sand with a nylon pad or an abrasive 220 before applying the finish.

The use of coloured oil makes it possible to create effects of superposition of very interesting hues.


100 sq. Ft./​​Litre

Cleaning tools:

Water (natural silk brushes tend to gray)


500 ml/946 ml/3.78 L


0 g/L


*** Always test to establish the dilution ratio according to the desired effect.

***Wear gloves.

*** Keep out of children reach.

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