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Barn Wood Effect – Aging agent for wood – Evo

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Barn wood effect is a wood aging stain which creates a natural silver-grey finish that highlights wood graining. Barn wood effect finish vary according to the species of wood. It can be used alone for a more discrete effect or with the Tannic Activator. which enhance the reactivity of the wood and strongly emphasize the aging effect. The resulting colour of Barn wood effect may vary from one species to another. It goes from brownish to greyish. black or greenish. The tone of the colour can be adjusted by varying the dilution ratio. It can be used on planned. brushed or rough wood.

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Coverage100 sq feet / liter

***Test and try the product to find the right dilution ratio. ***Wear gloves ***Keep out of reach of children


Apply with a brush. a roll or an applicator pad. or spray it. Let the wood to rest for 4 hours before applying the finish.


The wood must be clean and unfinished. Apply the product and leave the surface to dry. Dilution : Thin with water. The ratio may vary from 1:5 to 1:50 (one part of product for 5 to 30 parts of water) depending on the species of wood and the wanted effect. Shake well before application.


Use an oil Pronto. Solo or Exteria. Carbamex wax or a high solid water base varnish. This product raise the grain of the wood. We suggest to rub the surface with a white scrubbing pad or sand paper 220 grit before applying the finish.

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