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Aqua Hardener – Evo

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Aqua-Hardener is a single-component crosslinker catalyst.
Increase adhesion. adhesion. abrasion and scuff resistance.
Aqua -Hardener is compatible with Evo-Surface HD varnish and Professional Varnish Evo-Multi.
We recommend to use Aqua-Hardener for all highly solicited surfaces. You mix directly in your varnish. in the last coat only. 10 – 15 minutes before application

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Add 2 at 4% Aqua hardener directly in the quantity of varnish required for last coat. Wait 15 minutes before application. The varnish keep catalyzed properties for 12 hours. After 12 hr. you can use the varnish catalyzed for the first or second coat. not for the finishing coat.


Aqua-Hardener crosslinker is not compatible with solvent based varnish. The use of rubber gloves and goggles is recommended while handling the product

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