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Aqua Hardener – Evo

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Aqua Hardener is a cross-linking additive that increases the adhesion and strength of water-based single-component varnishes.  It increases resistance to heel marks, scratches and stains.

  • Increases durability
  • Does not change the colour
  • Decreases heel marks
  • Increases grip

Dry to the touch:

(dust-free) 25 minutes

Cleaning tools:



0 g/L


Pour 2–4% Aqua Hardener into the amount of varnish for the final coat only. Acclimate the product at room temperature, more than 15 ° C.


Apply the varnish as specified in its technical data sheet. Wait 15 minutes after adding Aqua Hardener before applying. Aqua hardener is not compatible with solvent varnishes.

For applications in the workshop, it is recommended to add 1% Aqua hardener per hour, to the varnish already added with Aqua-Hardener.


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