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Acrylic binder – Evo

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With our acrylic binder you will be able to create your own paintings. The acrylic binder makes it easy to dissolve our powder pigments such as our coloring earths, our iron oxides, and our non-toxic Artist dry pigments. This allows you to juggle easily with colorations and shades. The acrylic medium loses its milky color on drying, it can be used for the manufacture of light varnishes, Gesso and glue.

The acrylic binder is composed of styrene-acrylic copolymer, water and adjuvants. It offers ease of application and fast drying.


Dry pigments should be moistened before incorporating them into the binder. Cleaning is done with water. The acrylic binder should be stored at room temperature in its original, tightly closed container.


This product fears frost.

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