PrimaireChaux – Primer for NaturaChaux – EVO

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PrimaireChaux is a primer that increases the adhesion of Naturachaux. It is used on surfaces that are unsuitable for NaturaChaux, such as Fibrociment™, veneers, ceramics, plaster, painted interior surfaces and agglomerated wood prior to the application of thin coatings or whitewash.


Indoor use: Pour 800 ml of clean warm water to 1 kg of PrimaireChaux in a clean bucket and mix. Let stand for 15-min, then add 400 ml of warm water, and mix again.


Apply crosswise with a large natural bristle brush. Make sure to cover the entire surface. Mix frequently throughout the application so that the silica does not settle to the bottom of the bucket.


105 sq. Ft./ 1 kg

Drying time:

4 to 5 days

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