Pouring Resin – Acrylic casting – FUSION

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POURING RESIN is an acrylic casting medium, designed to create beautiful artistic effects on canvas or wood. Its finish is very glossy.

This resin mixes with FUSION Mineral Paint to create beautiful acrylic artwork. It can be used on canvas, furnitures or any surface on which FUSION Mineral Paint adheres. It has a very durable gloss finish and can even be used alone or as a finishing coat on FUSION Mineral Paint.

  • Durable glossy finish;
  • Easy to use;
  • No topcoat is necessary;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Does not release VOCs.


Mix thoroughly POURING RESIN before use. It is best to use it on a horizontal surface because the resin is self-levelling.

TO ADD COLOUR: add a few drops of FUSION Mineral Paint to tint the resin (no more than 10% of paint). Use very little paint for the product to flow well.

Gently tap the surface to remove air bubbles.

If you use the CELL ENHANCER, then be sure to clean these areas with a little rubbing alcohol to eliminate the shiny wet look.

POURING RESIN is designed to be poured, the brush application can create marks and is not recommended. If you want to move the resin, it is best to tilt the piece, but you can also use tools like a spreader.


8-12 hours.


12-24 hours.


21 days.


There can be 2 types of bubbles.

  1. Large surface bubbles created during casting.
  2. Small bubbles under the surface (these come from a chemical reaction with the surface or paints used).

To avoid bubbles, the best surfaces are birch or maple. Prime the surface first with a coat of FUSION. Do not use MDF or other substrates with glues to avoid chemical reactions.

You can use heat to help reduce bubbles, although you should be careful not to burn the resin.

Do not pour too high (which can cause bubbles to form). Gently mix the colours in the resin, then wait a few hours before pouring to allow the bubbles to dissipate.


It is 100% UV resistant. It will not yellow with time.

Does POURING RESIN resist heat?
It resists normal heat, but not extreme. Use coasters to avoid the heat ring.

Can I use POURING RESIN on a surface in contact with food?
It is not designed for a food surface.

Can POURING RESIN be used on countertops or laminates?
It is not recommended for laminates and is not intended for use on countertops.

Can POURING RESIN be used in a mould?
It can be used in a shallow mould. It is possible to add coats of resin in a deeper mould. Only do it when the first coat has had time to dry. You must allow time for the water to evaporate, which could cause shrinkage.