Performer Varnish – Warm wood effect – Blanchon

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The Blanchon professional floor varnish, Performer®, is a water-based polyurethane one-component varnish. It is based of a new generation of three-dimensional resins. It offers an unctuous consistency, ideal for quality and ease of application. It enhances the character of the wood by giving it a warm shade of amber appearance, similar to the results obtained with solvent-based oil varnishes.

The Performer® offers all the benefits of a water-based varnish with the appearance and warmth of a solvent-based oil varnish. The molecules of this all-new “3 Dimensional System: Optimum resistance” resin gives the Performer® professional varnish a performance that of a two-component varnish (catalyzed varnish), as much for the abrasion, the trampling and the chemical aggression (calcium, alcohol, detergent, etc.).

  • Avoids overlapping marks with its self-levelling power;
  • Scentless;
  • Tannin blocker;
  • Exceptional resistance and covering power;
  • Unctuous consistency;
  • Easy to apply;


The wood must be clean of old varnish, oil, wax or other finishing products. Sand the wood and end with a 120 grit paper. Carefully remove dust. Fill cracks, with our EVO Mastic binding agent, mixed with sand blasting dust, or with Briançon in tube or powdered Wood Mastic. Dye following the instructions of your product. For wood that has been scoured, clean the surface with our EVO Citrus Solvent and sand with a 120 grit paper. Make sure no residue remains. Stir the container vigorously. Acclimate the product at room temperature above 15 ° C.



Apply the varnish in the wood grain direction with a synthetic bristle brush, a sponge brush, an applicator pad, a quality microfibre roller (10 mm) or a spray gun. Between coats, allow to dry for 3 hours and sand with a 180 paper.

Coats: 3 coats are required.

Drying time:

  • Touch: 30 minutes
  • Between coats: after 3 hours and before 24 hours
  • Light traffic: 24 hours
  • Use: 24 hours
  • Full drying: 5 to 7 days
  • First wet cleaning: 10 days


Applies to bare wood, Ligna Tandem-1 dye or most non-sealing water, alcohol or oil dyes. An adhesion test is recommended for oil-based dyes other than Tandem-1.


108 sq. Ft. /​​Litre

Luster :

Ultra matte (10% luster)

Matte (25% luster)

Satin (35% luster)


Dust off with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a non-rotating natural brush.

  • Daily Cleaning: Use the Blanchon Lagoon Spray.
  • Monthly cleaning: Moisten a microfibre mop with a solution of Blanchon Lisabril and water.

If the surface becomes dull and begins to show traces of scratches, use the Overpower Cleaner followed by a Blanchon Varnished Surface Renovator.