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The Blanchon Opaque Coloured Océanic varnish is th solution to a new decorative trend that is to colour wood floors. It gives a second life to a worn or old-fashioned parquet floor. The Opaque Coloured Oceanic varnish allows to obtain a coloured floor while offering a good resistance to scratches and tramples. It masks colours and imperfections of wooden surfaces while leaving its relief and its veining visible.

INNOVATION Air Protect: Opaque Coloured Océanic varnish blocks up to 80% of formaldehyde VOCs from the subfloor and filters 40% of those in the air.

  • Interior varnish for floors, stairs, furniture and woodwork;
  • Coloured and Opaque;
  • Highlights the relief and the veining of wood;
  • Very resistant to abrasion, shock and scratches;
  • Air Protect: Blocks up to 80% of formaldehyde emissions from the subfloor;
  • One-component ready-to-use;
  • Scentless;
  • Easy to apply;
  • For all wood species.


The wood must be clean of old varnish, oil, wax or other finishing products. Sand the wood ending with a 120 grit paper and carefully remove the dust. Fill cracks with our EVO Mastic binding agent mixed with sandblasting dust or use Blanchon Mastic Wood.

For wood that has been scoured, thoroughly clean the surface making sure all residues have been removed. Clean the surface with EVO Citrus Solvent and sand with a 120 grit paper.

Stir the container vigorously before applying. Don’t leave the product at a temperature under 15 °C.


Apply varnish in the wood grain direction with a synthetic bristle brush, a sponge brush, an applicator, a roller (10 mm) or spray gun. Between layers, allow to dry for 2 hours and sand with a 180 paper between the 2nd and 3rd layer.


3 coats are required to obtain a best colour and opacity. If the colour suits you after only two coats, you can apply the third with Oceanic Air protect varnish.

Drying time:

  • Touch: after 30 minutes
  • Between layers: after 2 hours and before 48 hours
  • Light traffic: after 12 hours
  • Use: after 24 hours
  • Full drying: around 10 days, dont cover (tarpaulins), dont put carpets on and do not move any heavy furniture. Dust off with a vacuum cleaner or brush (do not use wet textiles).
  • First wet cleaning: after 10 days


Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner with a non-rotating natural bristle brush.

Regular maintenance: Use Blanchon LAGOON that will help reduce the black marks and the traces on the surfaces.

For high traffic floors you should protect once a year with the Blanchon Heavy duty cleaner followed by Blanchon Renovator.


100 sq. Ft. /litre

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