Multi-Purpose Wood Filler – Blanchon

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Blanchon Wood Filler is used for filling holes and cracks in furniture, woodwork and flooring. Made from real wood, it is easy to apply and it offers an excellent adhesion. It can be used for all kinds of projects, all species and wooden parts. It dries quickly and is workable as wood: it can be sanded, sawed, painted, tinted, varnished, waxed, nailed and screwed.

  • New odourless formula;
  • Saw, nail, screw, lime, pumice, tint, paint, wax and varnish it;
  • Made from real wood;
  • Excellent adhesion;
  • Won’t retract;
  • Very strong, won’t break;
  • Fast drying.


The wood must be clean and free from any trace of old finishes. Degrease exotic greasy woods and remove resin slides using EVO Citrus Solvent.


Wood Filler is ready to use. If necessary, you can mix the product before starting to work. Apply quickly with a spatula wider than the filling space. Remove any excess with an abrasive paper as soon as the product is dry.

Sand thoroughly to remove any excess around the repairs to avoid a “halo effect” when you dye. For deep holes, refill several times.

As the product dries quickly, you should close it after each use. It takes about 30 minutes to dry depending on the applied thickness. You can apply the chosen finish as soon as the product is dry enough to be sanded.


Can be recovered with an oil after 8 hours.


With water immediately after use.

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