Metallic pigments for epoxy resins

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Metallic pigments for epoxy resins

The metallic colour pigments are composed of mica or aluminum particles, incorporated with various colour pigments. They are used to create beaded, reflective and iridescent material effects. They will add impressive effects to your epoxy works. Compatible with our RESINOPOXY moulding epoxy and most floor epoxies.

Mixed with clear epoxy 100% solid, these pigments reflect the light and allow to give pearlescent colours to the salient variants according to the lighting.


Mix the pigments in part A of the resin before incorporating part B. Slowly mix the pigments to avoid creating air bubbles.

For a solid colour (opaque) a container of 84 g per gallon (3.78 L) is enough. Add as much pigments to achieve the desired transparency finish. You can also pour resins of different colours together to achieve nuanced effects.

There are no guides or rules as such, do your own tests and create a masterpiece.


Container 84 g



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