Mastic binding agent – Evo

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Mastic binder agent or wood paste is a product specially designed to be mixed with sandblasting dust obtained before using it on filling work. Putty Binder is a single-component binder that does not contain methyl pyrrolidone and solvent. As it is made with the sanding dust of the surface to be worked, it gives the same shade as the wood. It can be covered with stain, oil or varnish. It should be used for filling small cavities as well as for restoring old floors. The blended product can be dyed using already diluted walnut stain or dry pigments.


**** It is very important to mix the product before use. Polymers tend to settle to the bottom. If the product is mixed incorrectly, it will not dry.

Sand the wood, mix an equal amount of Wood Binder and sandblasting dust. If a shade is desired, a maximum of 15% of pigments or dyes must be added to the mixture. The mixture should have a viscosity similar to a thick cake dough. Apply in cracks and thoroughly penetrate the product with a spatula. Allow to dry and redo sandblasting. If the product has sunk, it is necessary to redo a new application as mentioned above. For cabinet work, make a thicker mix.


Vinyl and vegetable resins.

Using temperature:

More than 15º C

Drying time:

1 to 3 hours


Keep in a cool, dry place. Close well after opening.

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