Liquid Wax – Blanchon

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Blanchon Liquid Wax is used to ensure long-lasting brightness to your floors, woodwork and wooden furniture. Liquid Wax is fluid and easy to polish. It nourishes and protects the wood while providing great covering power.

  • High content of hard wax;
  • Can be used on terra cotta, floors, woodwork and wooden furniture;
  • Protects and nourishes the surface;
  • Enhances the beauty of wood;
  • Fluid texture;
  • Easy to shine;
  • Dries quickly.


Liquid wax is applied on bare, waxed or oiled wood. On a bare wood, sand and finish with a 120 grit sandpaper. A coat of natural oil, such as ÉVO Pure Tung oil or ÉVO hemp oil, can be applied as a sealant.

On old surfaces that have received several coats of wax, remove it with a diluent such as EVO Citrus Solvent or Ligna Iso-Diluant.


Use in a ventilated place. Apply with an applicator pad, a microfibre applicator, a silk brush or a bleached cotton linen. You can pour the wax directly onto the surface.

Once dried, polish the Blanchon Liquid Wax with an abrasive nylon pad, or with a woollen cloth for lustring. Two or three coats may be required. You can also polish the surface with an electric polisher.

Drying time:

Recoatable: after 2 to 4 hours


After 8 to 16 hours

Cleaning tools:

Citrus solvent or Iso-Diluant without odour


260 sq. Ft./Litre

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